Weeping rock


Here’s Weeping Rock. It appears to be a rock that . . . umm . . . weeps. Maybe. I have no idea. But it looks nice.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken in Zion National Park last September, and part of my famous Hiking and Vacation series.

Okay, we weren’t technically in any shape to hike, but it is the trailhead for three pretty well-known trails and we could have hiked there. So it’s part of my famous Hiking series. Don’t hate me.

Another kind of frustrating day. Early this morning, LRN4’s nose started bleeding quite heavily and refused to stop. We went over to MD Anderson’s emergency room to have them take a look at her and see if there was anything they could do about it. There was. They decided it was due to low platelets, so they gave her some and she stopped bleeding. Sounds easy, no? Well, it took about six hours to get that done, and LRN4 was absolutely miserable the whole time. I guess she was in a fair amount of pain and it was kind of hard to breathe without being able to use her nose and with blood pouring down her throat. Not good.

The other cause for concern is that this is the first time she has spontaneously started bleeding. Her platelets were fairly low today, but they’ve been much lower before without bleeding. Are things getting worse for her or was this just a freak incident? Probably some of both, but we certainly hope it’s more of the latter. We really don’t want to go through that many more times.

So we got out of the emergency room at about 3:45 and then went up to the stem cell transplant center for our consultation, as mentioned yesterday. They were just trying to work us in, so we waited until about 5:45, at which time the nurse came in and told us they weren’t going to be able to get to us today. So we have an appointment at 11:00 tomorrow morning to try again. We don’t think they’ll have anything substantial to tell us, but we’ll go anyway. Maybe something good will come of it. We came all the way here for this, so we might as well go over there tomorrow and talk to them.

We can’t wait to go home on Thursday.

Did a tiny bit of work on the new app with LRN23 this evening. We’re trying to get the computational accuracy right. He and I both have a bit of homework to do and we’ll talk again tomorrow. I think we’re very close to submitting it to Apple, possibly before their holiday shutdown. It’ll be nice to get it out there for him.

Speaking of apps, I got an email from somebody who is hoping I’ll develop a Windows version of my  education app. I really don’t see that happening. I guess I should do a bit of market research and see if that’s the most profitable direction I could go. My current feeling is that I want to move more towards a server-based product, with clients for iOS and either OS X or a browser. Decisions!

And that’s about it for today. We want to go home! I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: spaghetti sculpture heist!

See you tomorrow.

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