Wild thing

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve on her oddly-named little car, Wild Thing. It looks like a dune buggy. It’s nice to have wheels of your own, no?

No time to post, so it’s another extremely Short Shrift post. Also no post yesterday – we jacuzzified instead, which I’m sure all my Loyal Readers would agree was a much better use of my time.

However, the last couple of days have been productive. Several of my colleagues have been calling in sick, but I’m feeling fine so far. Must be that flu shot I got.

Loyal Reader Number One found the software development kit for Google’s mobile phone operating system. He’s gotten a “Hello World” application running. It looks like a cool OS and I’m confident there will be a huge number of cool applications for it by the time the first phone is available. That’s the biggest mistake Apple made with the iPhone – no third-party apps for the first six month plus. Could be the death knell for the platform, especially when Android hits the streets running. We’ll see. In the meantime, here’s yet another opportunity for Gardenville Software to get in on something on the ground floor. What do you think, Loyal Partners?

Nothing else to report. Enjoy the photo and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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