Wood statue


Here’s a statue in the waiting room where LRN4 is getting her daily treatments now.  Definitely indoor art.  Kind of reminds me of a harp.  Or maybe a bone.  Or possibly a piece of wood with holes in it.  Or maybe it’s a metaphor for tranquility.  What do you think it represents, Loyal Readers?  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken here at the City of Hope, and part of my famous Statue series.

I like statues.  And there are a lot of them around here.

Pretty good day for LRN4.  We took a very long walk this evening and managed to include a couple of trips up and down about 30 steps, which is really good for her.  Doesn’t do me much bad either.

We visited LRN4’s doctor this afternoon.  He did the long-awaited bone marrow biopsy, for which we should get the results on Monday or Tuesday.  Nails being bitten.  He has also started dealing with something that concerns us a bit – her white cell and neutrophil counts are both down a pretty serious amount.  There could be various explanations: she could have a viral infection, so they drew more blood to check for that; there could be something going wrong with the transplant and today’s biopsy should give us insight into that possibility; and it could just be what her body is going to do – the doctor has another patient whose levels rose at first, dropped down pretty far, and finally went back up about five months later.  So we’ll see.  In the meantime, we wait.  Not happy about that.

If she has a virus, she may have to go back into the hospital for a couple of days.  That’s no fun, but not a really big deal.  The big downside of that possibility is that we might get kicked out of the village for those two days.  The doctor says it might not happen, but we do need to be prepared for that event.  I would probably go back to the Residence Inn, where there’s a full-size refrigerator; we have a bunch of food in the fridge that I would hate to lose, and the Residence Inn is the only place I could keep it all.

In any case, things will be fine, but I’m really getting comfortable here and would hate to leave and then come right back.  I’m also not happy at all with what seems like possibly a setback for LRN4.  Stay tuned.

Otherwise, situation normal.  We spent all day on campus.  It was peaceful and relaxing, although it took us three trips to the clinic to get everything done.  They gave LRN4 her anti-fungal IV and drew blood at 8:00 and then called her back at about 11:00 for platelets in preparation for the biopsy.  And then we went back to 1:30 for the biopsy, virus check, and chat with the doctor.  They’ll check her blood again on Sunday, followed by our Monday doctor visit.

Welcome back to LRN16, who reports she’s reading the blog again.  Good to have you back!

Okay, that’s it for today.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: Del Taco stabbing!

See you tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Wood statue”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I think the statue looks like ‘Tranquility’ (or it could be a harp). Will continue to think happy thoughts, pray and hope all is well for LRN4. I will call you this weekend.

  2. Shannon Says:

    Hey! Doesn’t Jane live in Hemet? Somebody better warn her about that Del Taco!

  3. Sandy Says:

    Jane does live in Hemet. I will give her a call and warn her!! She used to work right next door to a Del Taco. Probably was the same one.

  4. michael Says:

    Fortunately, the stabbing occurred about a year ago. So the panic is probably over.

    I’m a little bit late with some of my food violence news.

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