Wounded reader

Here’s LRN12 recovering from her injuries. Look at that cast. And the band-aid. Very sad. Fortunately, they’re fake – from her beloved doctor bag. Great Art courtesy of LRN4.

Greetings from the train! I’m in the wifi car today, so I can get something written and sent before we get to Lardville. Hopefully.

We heard from LRN1 today! Three times! He’s doing fine and enjoying the MTC, although it appears that he won’t be heading to the Guatemala City MTC after three weeks after all. I guess we’ll have to see, as he says they’ve been a bit vague about it. I don’t think it really makes a huge difference – he’ll be in Guatemala soon enough. He’s seen several people he knows, including his cousin and a good friend from Virginia, which is pretty cool. He sent three emails because the computers there are on an automatic timer that just shuts down after 30 minutes, deleting whatever they were working on. So he sent a very quick one telling us he was alive, another longer one giving us some details, and one more finishing up. He apparently didn’t get shut down.

Nothing much else new. We’re leaving for Mexico in just three days! It’s time for LRN4 and me to start thinking about what we’re going to bring, etc. We haven’t even really thought about it yet. On the other hand, I’m getting more and more excited about leaving. LRN2’s been feeling pretty sick yesterday and today, but LRN4 is sure he’ll be well enough in time for our departure. She thinks he’s just as excited to have us leave as we are to go. Hmm…

I have to go to a scouting meeting tonight, I think. I have an email in to my expert-scouter colleague in the Young Men presidency for confirmation. Hope to hear from him soon.

Update – He just emailed. I don’t have to go. It’s been a light week for after-work meetings.

The weather has turned cooler and cloudy again. I think we’re going to have more rain soon. The last couple of days were warm and sunny, which was a nice break. We really need all the moisture we can get, though, so I’m still not complaining. Maybe when the house starts floating away, but not now.

That’s it for now. I leave you with this shocking food violence news: gingerbread vandals!

See you tomorrow.

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