Wright engine

Here’s an authentic Wright Brothers aircraft engine. Sort of. Well, it’s an authentic replica of an authentic Wright Brothers aircraft engine. Still cool, though. Part of my famous Machinery series.

The weekend’s here! That’s right, tomorrow’s Off Friday. We have nothing huge going on, so I’m not showing up. Woo hoo!

And the best part is that I have nothing particular to accomplish at home, either. I’m sure we can think of some things that need doing, though. Let’s try right now. Ready? Go!

Ummm . . . I ought to have a look at the pond filter. Maybe check the chlorine level in the pool. Pull Moe’s 200 gigabyte drive and get it sent to Loyal Reader Number One. Clean off my dresser top. Maybe cook a nice breakfast. Possibly jacuzzify (that’s not exactly work, but it can certainly be scheduled, can’t it?).

That’s enough for now. I’m sure other things will come up as the weekend unfolds.

LRN1 reports that the new Mac continues to hum along. He’s still working on restoring data from the old machine. It’s on my Mac’s hard drive, and he’s connected to it and copying data right now. Time prognostication: 50 hours. Yikes. But who’s in a hurry?

Got the terabyte drive installed last night, but not in Moe. Turns out its motherboard has no SATA connectors. So it went into Larry. I’m planning to retire Moe at this point, so I’m sending its above-mentioned hard drive to LRN1. Moe will go into the Ready Reserves. For now.

Anyway. I connected the new drive at roughly 8:00 or 8:30 and started formatting it. By the time I went to bed at 11:00, it was only up to 38%. I presume it’s done by now. We’ll find out when I get home.

Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve went to Menlo Park today to interview for a job as apartment managers. It seems like a great opportunity and I hope they get it. So do they. This would be LRN12’s first successful job interview.

I mentioned to my boss today that I’ve been spending an hour every morning catching up on email. When I told him I do it in offline mode because ACE hasn’t gotten their free wifi service working again after two years of trying, he told me I ought to use my cell phone as a modem. I mentioned I don’t have a data plan, and he said I should just use my company cell phone. “Ummm,” said I, “I don’t have one.” So he suggested I get one. So I did. My shiny new Blackberry should be available on Monday or Tuesday.

Now I just have to find out whether it will be usable as a modem. Even if not, I can just read and respond to most of my email directly on the Blackberry.

I’m not crazy about the idea of carrying two cell phones, but that might just be how it has to be. We’ll see how things work out.

In today’s Morrowlife controversy, we examine a conclusively proven scientific fact. The controversial question is: Have any of my Loyal Readers actually sung into a karaoke machine? If so, why?

See you tomorrow.

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