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Fire department

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Here’s LRN4 in front of the Port Chilkoot Volunteer Fire Department, in Haines, Alaska. Fortunately, they don’t have very many fires there.

Actually, they have a very nice fire department now, but I kind of like the old one.

No post on Friday. Thanks for Anon for noticing. It was my off day, which always seems like Saturday to me. So I forgot.

Fine weekend. Successfully worked on the Suburban’s brakes. Successful in the sense of it isn’t any worse now than it was before I started, that is. I don’t know what I’m going to do with that truck. Maybe professional help is needed. After I spent a couple hundred dollars. But at least I now have a really nifty pressurized bleeder.

Did some church stuff on Sunday. Also Saturday, come to think of it. The good thing on Saturday, though, was that LRN4 and I went to visit LRN5. We went out to dinner at a Mexican place near her house. LRN5’s meal was great. LRN4’s meal was mostly great. Mine was about 30% great. I loved my chile relleno. My chicken enchilada, chicken flauta, rice, and beans were just okay. Still, the company was great and I enjoyed my meal without overeating.

Normal day today. The trains ran on time and I got a few things done. Wasn’t watching the clock this afternoon and I left at about 4:23, while my previous late departure had been at 20 minutes after the hour. The traffic was light and the stoplights mostly fell in my favor, so I made it with plenty of time to spare. No complaints. I just have to remember to fill out my time tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, the situation is normal around here. I do have some fairly shocking food violence news: cow attack! I realize some of my more literal-minded Loyal Readers may think it’s a bit of a stretch to call this food-related news. But the guy was milking the cow. And he did get squished, intentionally or not. Violence can be unintentional. So I’m counting it.

See you tomorrow.

ATV lake

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Here’s a pretty little lake we stopped at on the way back to the ship from our ATV ride. We put the water to good use on our faces.

Another Extreme Short Shrift day today. I just got busy.

Fortunately, tomorrow’s my off Friday, so there will be time to get some things done, including possibly blogging more than a paragraph. Also, the Suburban’s brakes will be (re)done, two or more of the Sable’s tires will be replaced, the Sable will be aligned, and the Miata’s tires may or may not be replaced, depending on how worn out they look tomorrow morning. Plus, I have to write my talk for Sunday and do a few other church-related things.

Otherwise, not much on my plate.

I have more horrifying food violence news: the Big German Baked Bean Ripoff. The depravity continues.

See you tomorrow.

In port

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Here’s our cruise ship at the pier in Haines. Looks kind of lonely there, doesn’t it? Surprisingly, they don’t get many ships there. Most of them go a little further away to Skagway, which is also supposed to be a nice town. I’ll bet it’s a lot more touristy, though.

Yet another normal day. Sunny and warm. Worked and came home. The Loyal Readers did what they do. Nothing to see here folks; move along.

So we’ll end prematurely with the latest shocking food violence news: a chili heist! This may be worse than stealing a Big Boy statue.

See you tomorrow.

Household favorite

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Here’s a great hammer. I want one of these things. You got your tack claw, your hammer, your wrench, your lifter, and your ice axe. And it’s all made of convenient cast iron! I can’t imagine anything better. Photo taken at the world-famous Haines Hammer Museum, of course.

Normal day again. No complaints, no explanations.

We’re sitting around watching The Mouse that Roared. It stars Peter Sellers and tells the story of the bankrupt tiny European nation that decides to declare war on America so they can immediately surrender and then get foreign aid. The only problem is that they win. Funny movie, and it was followed up by the equally funny The Mouse on the Moon. Good fun and highly recommended.

So let’s have today’s mystery good news. I swear I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, September 14th, 2009

Here’s a bunch of hammers in Haines’s famous Hammer Museum. It turned out to be a really cool place, strangely. They have more hammers in there than you can shake an . . . um . . . hammer at. Highly recommended to future Haines visitors.

No, not this Hammer museum. Although that looks like a good one too.

Rainy weekend, which is unusual around here this time of year. We enjoyed it. Managed to wash all four cars, three of which are still clean. The Suburban’s WAY cleaner than it was before, too. Didn’t get much accomplished otherwise. LRN4 and I took LRN2 and his friend Josh up to Lodi for a fireside on Saturday night, and we went to the nearby Velvet Grill and Creamery. It turned out to be a nice little family restaurant and ice cream emporium. And their tomato soup was delicious. I had fish and chips (good fish, overcooked chips) and LRN4 had a great baja burger and the aforementioned soup. We’d go there again.

Also managed to prepare my priesthood lesson on time and under budget. I think it went fairly well.

Normal day. The trains ran on time, fortunately. They were pretty crowded because of the rain, thus proving my Friday prediction of empty cars to be slightly inaccurate. I claim the rain exemption.

Had a nice evening home with the family. Also a nice family home evening.

We have more monkey-related job opportunities for my Loyal Readers – underwear stealing monkeys. Just stay away from the cactus and you should be fine.

See you tomorrow.