Blue house

Here’s a blue house in Guatemala.  LRN1 sent us this picture (and a couple of others) to show us the effect of the volcano on his neighborhood.  It wasn’t too bad there, but I thought this qualified as Great Art.  It’s a blue house, after all.  Part of my famous Guatemala series.

No post yesterday.  It was a holiday.  Also, we were in Las Vegas and I was busy.

Spent most of the day fixing/installing/configuring my brother-in-law’s and sister-in-law’s electronics.  Got their DVD player situation fixed up and simplified – even made them work with just one remote!  That’s more than I’ve been able to accomplish here in Lardville.  Also get sister-in-law’s new color laser printer installed and working and got brother-in-law’s new computer installed and working, with his files transferred over to it, anti-virus installed, a tiny bit of crapware removed, printers installed, installed, and everything tested and guaranteed to work.  For at least until we left.  After that, he’s on his own.  Also helped their daughter (my lovely niece) decide on a new computer and get it ordered.  She got a MacBook Pro.  Spent a ton of money on it, but hopefully she’ll love it.  Otherwise, I suppose she’ll curse my name.  Either way, it’s a good computer.

Bought a new 100TB external drive for myself while we were out.  I have it reformatted as a Mac disk and installed on my beloved Mac Mini.  It’s been partitioned into two 500GB drives, one of which is my new Time Machine backup disk.  It’s busily copying 1,346,159 files right now.  Been cranking for a few hours and it’s about one third done.  Yikes.  That’s a lot of files.  I’m hoping to use the other partition to back up the loyal readers’ computers.  We’ll see if I can make it work with Time Machine on LRN4’s machine.  Time Machine only wants to work with storage directly attached to its computer or with Apple-branded network attached storage.  Time will tell whether I can find a workaround that lets LRN4’s machine think my locally-attached drive is the right kind.  In any case, I can share it on the network and let her copy files to it on a regular basis.

By the way, LRN1 reports that not only did he survive this week’s Guatemalan volcanic eruption and tropical storm, he wasn’t really seriously affected by either.  We’re delighted and grateful about that – have seen a few news reports and things were pretty bad in some locations.

Made the trip home from Vegas today, uneventfully.  It was a pleasant drive with good company.  It’s really nice to have the Loyal Readers back home again.  I’ll probably get a lot less Arduino work done, though.  Everything has its tradeoff, doesn’t it?

Anyway.  Time for bed – it’ll be a busy day tomorrow, what with catching up on everything.  No toilet or food violence news tonight – maybe tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Glad to hear the company for the drive home was pleasant!

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