Abstract art

Here’s something a little bit different – an old tile roof. Talk about your Great Art, huh?

Came home from work early today. I was feeling pretty sick to my stomach, unfortunately. Things are much better this evening. Thanks for asking.

We went over to look at a very old pickup truck (an ’89 Dodge D50 built by Mitsubishi) for sale this afternoon. It looked pretty good for a truck with nearly 200,000 miles on it – no rust to speak of except on the bumpers and exterior mirrors, and it started right up. However, I think I detected a slight smell of anti-freeze in the exhaust, and the automatic transmission is slipping like crazy, making its value about negative $2000. No bid from me. Some friends have a minivan for sale that we’re now thinking about. I could probably use a pickup more than a minivan, but the price is pretty good and the van appears to be in pretty good shape. We’re looking for something cheap and reliable that Reader Number One can drive when he gets to the right age (soon), so its utility to me in the meantime is of lesser importance. Besides, who says you can’t haul a load of manure in a minivan?

Ice cream is waiting. Later.

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