Who was that masked man?

Here’s Reader Number One practicing for a brilliant future in bank robbery. Best of luck with that. He might want to remove the tags before his first job.

Today went from a gray, rainy – but warm – morning to a warm, beautiful sunny afternoon. We’re not expecting the beautiful weather to last any longer. My friends at the Weather Channel are predicting daytime temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s with nighttime lows in the 20’s for the next several days. That’s more normal winter weather around here, but we’ve gotten to like the other stuff. It’s not normal to have spring fever in February!

The Dave Barry book is gradually improving. I’ve actually had more enjoyment than annoyance at the last couple of chapters. He’s just wearing his hatred for Ronald Reagan on his sleeve a little too much (the book was published in 1985). The ironic thing, of course, is that the things that Dave and all the other newspaper people were mocking President Reagan about turned out to have been brilliant ideas that liberated millions of people from Soviet oppression. That doesn’t leave Dave looking too bright, now does it? At least he had a lot of company back then.

I’ve been trying to get Mark’s school computer back on the road after a catastrophic hard disk crash. It’s taking a very long time, but the machine is now running and currently downloading and installing all the Windows patches (27 and counting). It refuses to install Microsoft Office, so we’ll have to call the K-12 help desk and see if they have any ideas, like another copy of the installation CD. It took quite a while to get the wireless card set up, but that’s working now. I first tried installing the driver from its CD, but that installed a bunch of garbage I didn’t want and that kept the Windows wireless manager from working. When I uninstalled the garbage, it also uninstalled the driver. So, I had to restart the machine and wait for it to ask for a driver, at which time I inserted the card’s CD and let Windows find the driver for itself. Voila! It’s working.

Now the biggest problem is unbelievably sluggish performance. Hopefully, we can work on some optimizations and get it back to working like it did before. Very odd, that.

Dessert time – we have some fresh-baked cookies tonight that are crying out to be sampled. Bye.

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