Welcome, number five!

We have a fifth reader. What a shock! I happened to mention in the family newsletter the other day that I had a great blog (this one), and somebody (see above) happened to read it! Welcome, Reader Number Five, and keep coming back!

Not a lot of news today. We jacuzzified after home evening tonight. It’s been a sunny but cool and windy day, and the cold wind was a strong contrast to the hot water. I think we enjoy the spa more in the winter than in the summer. And use it more too.

We have a launch coming up on the eighth – that’s two days away. Watch for it on the Sea Launch website.

Today’s bad news is that it appears that the minivan we were thinking about has been withdrawn from the market. The good news is that we don’t really need another car for about 14 months. Something great will come along.

Speaking of something great coming along, I came really close to buying a Mac G5 with dual 2.0 GHz processors on Saturday. They had one at Comp USA for a great price, but it was still a high price. If only I needed it. It is such a beautiful computer. Someday, someday . . . it will be mine.

I have to drive to seminary tomorrow morning, so must get to bed. ‘Night.

Today’s photo by Mark.

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