Actual Great Art

Here’s some actual Great Art made by my mother’s cousin, Robert Irwin, sometime in the 1960s or 1970s. We found it in the Phoenix Art Museum. Very avant-garde stuff for back then. In fact, it’s still pretty inscrutable.

Hats off and hands over hearts for the memory of the victims of 9/11. God bless their families with peace, our troops with victory, and our country with security.

Greetings from Lancaster, California! As discussed yesterday, I’m here for a couple of nights. Enjoyed the drive and the sushi dinner. My room is comfortable and freezing cold (not necessarily a negative for me). On the downside, I had to drive around quite a bit to find a gas station. Finally found one, though, so I’m ready to go for tomorrow. Other than that, I can’t exactly remember how to get to the base from here. But I have a pretty good idea, anyway. And I have Google maps. So I’m not worried. I’ll check in the morning.

I brought four books down here. I can never decide ahead of time which one I want to read, so I just bring them all. There’s no chance I’ll get through them all, of course. I’ve started on one called How to Start a Business in California, by Entrepreneur Press. I’m kind of in the pablum part so far, although there are a few good ideas there. I’m looking forward to getting into the list of things specific to California, which I hope will be less pablumy.

Drove the Miata to work again today and the coolant temperature was perfect again. So was the outside temperature, come to think of it. My arms are slightly sunburned from two days’ worth of open-air trips in a row. Small price to pay.

It’s midnight now and I need to get my beauty rest. See you tomorrow.

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