Black blob

Here’s some more Great Art from the Phoenix Art Museum. The artist isn’t a relative, as far as I know, but those other people are. Behold Loyal Readers Numbers Four, Fifteen, and Three, respectively. I have no idea who that lady in the background is, but I’m sure she’s very nice. Apologies for the slight fuzziness of the picture – I was trying to go without my flash to avoid ruining the Great Art (soft focus – yeah, that’s it).

The meeting’s over! I’m glad I attended – learned a lot about some upcoming plans and got literally hundreds of new things to test. This is a good thing. I’m heading for home in the morning. Well, I’m actually heading for work, but only for four or five hours.

Had dinner at Marie Callender’s tonight. Got the tri-tip with Cajun shrimp, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, and generic vegetables. Not good. The steak was raw, the shrimp tasted weird, the toast tasted like fish, and the vegetables looked too terrible to even try. The potatoes were okay, though. I’m not going back. I’m also afraid I can’t recommend Marie Callender’s to my Loyal Readers.

I started reading Agile Development with Rails this morning. So far, I’m on page 25 and filled with hope. I need to understand Rails well enough to work with Loyal Reader Number One’s application. And future apps as well.

I believe I’ve found the most useless OS X Widget ever. Check it out. But do not install it. Really. I mean it.

I’m in trouble for tomorrow’s drive – big trouble. I’ve been listening to my supply of podcasts during the trip, including the drive down to Lancaster, the drives back and forth from the hotel to the base, and as background noise here in the hotel room. The problem: I now have only five podcasts left in my list. There’s not enough to entertain me on the trip home! Since my iPod is synced to my Mac, not my laptop, I can’t download any new ones either. There are plenty of video podcasts, and I could just listen to them (watching while driving isn’t exactly safe and probably isn’t legal either), but that’ll chew the batteries down to nothing in just a few hours. Wait a minute – that might be enough! There are probably a couple of hours’ worth of audio podcasts, after which I could switch to video and actually make it! It’s crazy enough that it just might . . . get us all killed!

Otherwise, nothing to report. I want to read some more, so we’ll see you tomorrow, after the long drive back to the north.

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