Dos Reis

Here’s the river running through Dos Reis County Park. As I was mentioning to Loyal Reader Number Four a few moments ago, it’s a very small oasis of prettiness in the middle of otherwise-unremarkable farmland.

I’m home! It was a long day, as I had to drive directly to work, after which there were meetings for pretty much the rest of the day. Then I came home, ate, and sat down to write.

Loyal Reader Number One is working on a Fifteen Puzzle implementation in Java for a class. They told him to start with the board in a random state but failed to note that half of the initial states are unsolvable. My guess is that they didn’t know. Now he faces the dilemma of figuring out which initial states are solvable and which aren’t. I suggested a viable alternative – start out with the puzzle in the solved state and then do a bunch of random moves until the puzzle is sufficiently mixed up. That’s the way we used to do it with those little plastic versions I used to get.

Anyway. All the Loyal Readers left Loyal Reader Number Twelve with LRN1 and me in the family room and went off to do other things. She crawled around a little and started to get fussy. LRN1 and I were trying (unsuccessfully) to get her to crawl over to one of us when Loyal Reader Number Five came in and picked her up, thus solving the problem. Except that LRN5 was NOT happy that nobody came to the rescue before she got there. We’re laying low so we don’t get caught in the rampage.

Time to unpack, read a little, maybe check my home email, and go to bed. See you tomorrow.

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