Middle of the stream

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two out in the middle of the stream at Clark’s Fork. That water was wadeable but cold.

Welcome to the doldrums! That’s where the Morrowlife blog has been for several days now, and why leave now? So we won’t. But maybe next week. Or the week after that.

Loyal Readers Numbers Four and Twelve and I are watching Monk. We don’t remember seeing tonight’s episode and we haven’t figured it out yet, so it’s an improvement over recent weeks. Psych is next.

Long work day today, and I got lots done. There’s still a lot more to do, of course, so I think I’ll go back on Monday. The good news is that the Miata stayed cool and collected.

Speaking of cool, the weather has turned fallish. It was perfect open-air motoring weather, both morning and night. I turned on the heater for a while and was as comfortable as could be.

Looking forward to the weekend. We’re going to the temple early tomorrow morning and I hope to spend some time on the business in the afternoon, depending on what else has to be done. Otherwise, no big plans.

The formerly-Big-Bear-based Loyal Readers found a different place to live the other day. They don’t know yet when they’ll be moving in, but they seem excited about it. Good luck in the new place, Loyal Readers! Eventually!

See you on Monday.

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