Sonora Pass

Here’s photographic proof that Loyal Readers Numbers One, Two, and Four have been at a pretty high altitude. Alas, I was behind the camera and can provide no such proof. Not that anyone’s asking.

No post yesterday. All of a sudden, I was sick. Sorry about that. Fortunately, I’m feeling much better now.

Fine weekend. We went to the temple on Saturday morning with the boys and had a nice time. Had brunch with our friends the Hepworths/Englands at IHOP afterwards. Food: passable. Service: slow but otherwise okay. Company: enjoyable.

Not much else got done. I worked hard on the Waterlogged website. The application is now running but can’t be updated without much grief. Still need to get a few things figured out there, and then get it prettified. I think I can do some simple CSS that will go a very long way towards making it look better in a very short time. There’s a ton of things to do to get that very simple application – for which there is a very limited market and no visible way to monetize it – in shape. Kind of discouraging right now. Loyal Reader Number Three is busily working on some videogame stuff but not making much progress either. I’m spending a lot of time reading textbooks and so is he, though, so maybe we’re laying a solid foundation. Or maybe we’re just reading. The trouble is that too often I stop at the reading part and never quite get to the finishing part. Got to turn that around.

I also replaced a mower-destroyed sprinkler head Saturday afternoon. That makes about three in the past year. Let’s bear down there, Loyal Mowers!

Tried to go home sick yesterday starting at 1:30. I finally got out the door at 5:45, which is quite a bit later than my standard departure time, so that didn’t work out so well. I laid low and got to bed pretty early last night, though, so there’s something, anyway. Also got up late this morning and lazed around the house a bit, trying to decide how I felt. Eventually, I decided I felt well enough and went to work.

Very bad traffic going in to work anyway. Apparently, there was a three-semi crash that closed a major bridge quite a bit earlier, and things were pretty slow through Livermore. Sigh.

Let’s see, what else is newsworthy? Ummm . . . nothing. See you tomorrow.

VERY SPECIAL WEDNESDAY MORNING UPDATE: Today is a very special day. Arrrr, Loyal Mateys.

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