Top of the wall

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One at the top of a rock wall he climbed during the last camping trip. I wasn’t at all happy about the risk and stood at the bottom of the wall, directly underneath him. I guess the idea was to hear if he had any last words as he came crashing down at my feet. Or try to catch him. Or something. Anyway, he survived the climb and I’m nearly over it as well.

It was meeting night again tonight, so the day was pretty full. I did manage to get the HRVA’s email working again – moved it from Larry to GoDaddy. I don’t want to run an email server anymore, although I might have to start it back up again if I end up dumping Vizaweb in a few months as currently planned. My mail list server is with Vizaweb, and it doesn’t appear that GoDaddy offers one. So I’ll have to host the McCulloch family news list on my own. We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it, though.

Otherwise, I worked and commuted. And talked like a pirate, ye scurvy dogs.

Tomorrow’s vacation to Yosemite is cancelled, just in case I forgot to mention it yesterday. The weather predictions are worse than we’re willing to camp in (snow and towing large trailers don’t mix in my book), so we’ll try again some other time. Pity, that. On the upside, at least I’ll be able to blog!

See you tomorrow.

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