Reader and stream

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two in front of the creek-like river at Clark’s Fork. What a great place.

Does it look to you like I spliced two separate pictures together there? I didn’t. Really.

It turned out to be a pretty nice day here in Lardville. Sun and temperatures in the 70’s. Would it have been nice at Yosemite? Well, let’s have a look at Let’s see – it’s 31 degrees right now ( but it feels like 22!), it’s supposed to be 53 and sunny tomorrow during the day, with rain starting at about 6:00 in the afternoon, followed by snow a little later in the evening, and 39 degrees with rain and snow all day on Saturday. I guess we probably made the right choice. Sigh.

I noted Loyal Reader Number Seven’s comment a day or two ago with interest. They’ve changed the good old Hampden Hills Ward‘s boundaries again. Hopefully, it will result in a stronger unit. We always struggled to have enough members when we lived there. Although, we can probably assume that as soon as we moved out, people started flocking in.

The Loyal Readers upstairs are watching National Treasure (link warning: movie noise) on TV right now. I enjoyed that movie on an airplane a few years back. I turned on the TV down here a few moments ago, and there’s a game show on called Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? There’s a guy on there who obviously isn’t. Yikes. A hundred channels and nothing’s on.

Nothing much else going on today. I commuted, worked, commuted, ate, and blogged. Tomorrow’s another day. See you then.

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