Readers up the river

Here’s another picture of Loyal Readers Numbers One, Two, and Four in the river at Clark’s Fork.

Not much rain today – I got hit by a few drops on the way home, but it was otherwise dry. However, I’m either sad or pleased to report that the weather is horrible at Yosemite, as predicted. It’s not bad here right now, but we’re still expecting rain tonight and tomorrow. Sounds like a good weekend to stay inside and get things done.

Loyal Reader Number One ordered his iPhone today. It’s supposed to show up next week sometime. That’s also when I’m expecting my new RAZR. LRN1 will be on the cutting edge. I’ll be on the cutting edge from two years ago. However, I’m spending a fraction of the money, so it all evens out.

Did I mention we had a Weinermobile in the church parking lot a couple of Sundays ago? It pulled in right before church started. I thought there might have been a church member in there, but they apparently stayed for a few minutes and then left. It wasn’t there after Sacrament Meeting, at any rate. I wonder what the Weinermobile was doing in Lardville.

Have a great weekend.

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