Here’s the airboat I rode in a couple of weeks ago on my infamous alligator-picture-taking trip. It was loud. Pretty high-class outfit, huh?

Well, a previously-unimaginable event has occurred. Are you ready? Sit down. No, really, sit down. Okay. We have our ninth Loyal Reader! Welcome, Tony. Send your picture (or maybe I can dig one out from somewhere when I get home) and you’ll be photographically featured right here in the blog. And check out your name in actual pixels over there on the right (link alert: “The Dead Pixels” would be a great name for a rock band, don’t you think?).

Went to the launch team banquet tonight. It went from 7:30 to about 11:30 and I’m tired. Dog tired. It was a nice time, though. I like the people on the team and will miss them when I’m no longer hanging around with them.

I did a little bit of Financial Negotiation this afternoon. We’ll see the results tomorrow, I hope. Maybe it will work out to my advantage! Maybe not. That’s the beauty of negotiation – it’s so unpredictable.

I want to go to bed now, and since none of my loyal readers are actually here telling me to keep typing (although I know you’re thinking it), I’m quitting for now. My Loyal Readers can definitely count on more content tomorrow – unless it’s absolutely inconvenient.

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