German tower

As promised on Friday, here’s Germany’s version of the Ron Jon tower. Although there’s a chance this one has been around a little longer. Compare and contrast.

It’s late on Monday night and I just got home from work (stopped on the way to pick up some Chinese food at Ginseng, which is excellent) after 13.5 hours at the office. Fortunately, about an hour and a half of that was spent on the phone with Reader Number Four, so the day wasn’t a total waste. We’ve got some Big Exciting Things in the works – stay tuned!

It was a tough day at work. We’re moving along, but not as quickly as we’d like. Hence the long day. And another very long one tomorrow, most likely.

At least the weekend was nice. I worked five hours on Saturday and took Easter Sunday off. I spent the day going to church (nice ward – good Gospel Doctrine class and friendly High Priests group), barbecuing my lunch, washing some clothes, reading the scriptures, reading my book, watching a couple of movies, and chatting with Reader Number Four. It would only have been better if I had been at home.

Gotta get to bed, so this will be short tonight. Let’s hope for a shorter workday tomorrow. See you then.

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