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Here’s my last picture from Ron Jon’s (unless I run out of Blog Fodder, of course). See next Monday’s post for its German counterpoint.

It’s a beautiful Saturday evening and I’m leaning back in my chair with a nice glass of Smoothie. Note that this post is dated on Friday; through the miracle of Blogger, I’m able to travel to the past and get the right date in there. Why is this bit of trickery necessary, you ask? Simple: I forgot. I had kind of a late night last night and just dropped into bed without taking care of my obligations to my Loyal Readers. Mercy.

I went out at about 7:00 this evening to wander around aimlessly until I came across a restaurant that looked appealing. My colleague Joe passed me on the road and signaled me to follow him, so I did. It turns out he was meeting a group at Bernard’s Surf restaurant, so I invited myself to join them. The meal was great but expensive. I had some excellent seared Ahi tuna as an appetizer, a very nice filet mignon for dinner, and creme brulee for dessert. We split the bill evenly, so it cost me a great deal more than it would have otherwise, since my beverage choices tend to be much cheaper than those of my colleagues. Doesn’t matter – it was a great meal and the company was pleasant.

I’m looking forward to Easter Sunday. We will NOT work that day, so I can go to church without getting a last-minute call to come to the office. I’m just sorry to not be home. No jelly beans, no Easter baskets, no family fun, no nothing. Pity my solitary loneliness. And pity my poor family members who have to endure the holiday without me. Those are the ones I really feel sorry for.

Sorry to end that last sentence with a preposition. I guess I just got carried away. Or was that caught up? You be the judge.

Anyway, Happy Easter to each and every one of my Loyal Readers. Hug your family members and thank Heavenly Father for your blessings. See you on Monday.

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