Here’s the little surfer guy from the Cocoa Beach Surf Company, Ron Jon’s arch nemesis. They’re right across the street from each other and they’re both going for the throat.

There’s a TON of news today! First and foremost, a big morrowlife welcome to Julie, Reader Number Eight! Actually, I kind of talked her into becoming a Loyal Reader, but morrowlife mania knows no limits. She’s in. Send me a picture, Number Eight!

Let’s see, what was secondmost? Oh yeah, a little update to the morrowlife book club, over there on the right. I finished Psmith in the City a few days ago and forgot to note the fact. As previously advertised, it was delightful. It was a bit more subtle than much of Wodehouse‘s other work, and I’m thinking the Jeeves books here in particular. Psmith is more eccentric than hilarious, but I found myself liking him and his friend Mike. The story moved quickly, it was Veddy British like every other Wodehouse novel (but in a charming pre-WWI way), and it was amusing. It left me wanting more Psmith. Luckily, that’s exactly what I’m reading! I started Psmith, Journalist this afternoon. It’s obviously more of the same, which is a good thing. I simply can’t recommend P.G. Wodehouse to my Loyal Readers enough. Try any of his stuff, but it’s a safe bet to start with anything in the Jeeves series. I encourage any Loyal Readers who actually take this advice to let me know what they think. I’ll be waiting right here.

Okay, it seems to me that there was a thirdmost here, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. I always think of these things while I’m walking up the stairs to the condo, and they don’t bother writing them down as soon as I get inside. Inevitably, they disappear long before I get around to writing. Well, maybe I’ll ramble on a little bit and see if anything comes to me.

Had a great dinner tonight at a place called A Taste of Goa. It’s advertised as an Indian-Portuguese restaurant, but it looked and tasted to me like just a plain Indian place. That’s not a bad thing though – quite the contrary, in fact. I had a mango lassi that was so good I ordered another one for dessert. I also got some shrimp in a coconut milk/spice sauce and some vegetable soup. Outstanding. I might go there again. It’s pretty close to the condo to boot.

The campaign proceeds in good order. Last night’s launch resulted in a healthy satellite in a very good orbit, so there’s no ‘splainin’ to be done there. I’m cautiously optimistic about next Thursday for us. If so, I’m home on Saturday! If not, I’ll be home one of these days.

I wish there was more of interest in my life right now, but there just isn’t. I hate to say it, but Cocoa Beach is getting kind of old. I’m clicking my heels together three times and saying “there’s no place like home” several times a day, but without result so far. Maybe tomorrow. I want to go home and see my family – and my little dog too!

I’m listening to an old Leo Laporte podcast and heard one of his callers talk about an application called SeaMonkey. It’s a Mozilla project that includes a web browser, email application, chat client, newsgroup client, and HTML editor. It’s available for Mac, Windows, and Linux and looks like it might be pretty cool. It is beyond version 1, so it ought to be stable at this point. I think I’ll download it and try it on my Mac when I get home. Maybe a loyal reader would like to download it first and let me know what he/she thinks.

Well, Big News Item Number Three never materialized in my mind, so I’ll end with a bang.

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