Here’s another picture of Ron Jon’s. I took those on a beautiful day, and the colors turned out to be really interesting. I’m starting to run out of blog pictures, though, so it’s time to get out there with the camera again.

Another mostly uneventful day. I went over to the launch complex right after lunch for a checkout task, a tower visit, and a meeting. That was pleasantly different. I need to stay in the office tomorrow, though. I have a lot of little things to get done before we get much closer to launch.

I’ve been watching the web broadcast of the JCSAT 9 launch on Sea Launch this evening. I was about to go out to dinner at 7:00 when I remembered the launch was scheduled for 7:30. So I stayed home, cooked a couple of burgers (yum!) and watched the launch on my computer. It looked beautiful. As I write this, the upper stage final burn has completed and they’re about four minutes away from spacecraft separation. That will mean we’re up next!

It was yet another windy, cool day. I think it got only into the mid-70’s. It’s 71 right now. Not that I’m complaining. My sliding glass door is open yet again and the condo feels absolutely great.

Disaster! I’m out of ice cream. What will I do for dessert tonight? I know – I’ll run out to the store and get some more. I’m out of Cocoa Krispies too, so there’s an urgent need to shop. I don’t think I need any other groceries at this point, with only eight more days until our planned launch date. If it ends up going longer, I can always go resupply.

Separation is about a minute and a half away. Keep your fingers crossed.

My hamburgers were on toasted English muffins. They’re really good that way. I recommend the recipe to my loyal readers. No charge (warning: this link has been rated Y for yuckiness).

Spacecraft separation was just confirmed! Congratulations all around! That used to be pretty much the end of the mission for me, back when I was a launch vehicle guy. Now that I’m on the spacecraft side, most of the hard work is ahead of us. We have to get the orbit raising done, make all the deployments, check out the payload, and make it productive for at least twelve years. Fortunately, our folks are pretty good at it.

Happy birthday to my sister Julie! I need to call her on the way to the grocery store.

Well, it’s time to go out and buy that ice cream and cereal, so I’ll just say cheery bye.

Cheery bye.

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