Whoa, dude. Gnarly. Like, totally awesome. Here’s the cement surfer in front of Ron Jon’s. Far out, man. Sorry about the light pole. I tried to get them to move it in the name of Art, but the Ron Jon dudes turn out to be Philistines. Who would have guessed? I suppose I could Photoshop it out (well, actually Gimp it out), but that would be inconsistent with my Artistic Vision. And inconvenient too.

Had a pretty good day today. I got out of the office at about 6:00 this afternoon, having arrived at 7:00 this morning, which was actually a pretty short work day around here. Had lunch at the NASA KSC Headquarters Building cafeteria with Joe and John. If the food had been just a little bit better it would have been absolutely mediocre. I believe my hamburger was cooked sometime today, but I couldn’t swear to it. On the plus side, I got tater tots. On the other plus side, their ATM was working, so I’m resupplied with cash.

Dinner was on my own tonight. I had Chinese food at Ginseng. They’re owned by the same people who own Yen Yen, and they told me as I was walking out the door that they can make anything you can get on Yen Yen’s much larger (outrageously large!) menu. Maybe they should have mentioned it before I started eating. Maybe I’ll go back. Maybe that’s what they were trying to get me to do.

We had mainly pleasant weather today. It only got up to the mid-seventies, and the wind was still blowing pretty hard, but it felt good to be outside. My sliding glass door is open even as I type this, giving me comfortably warm air and beautiful ocean sounds. Aah, this is the life. If only my family were here, it might be hard to get me to go home. But it might not.

I washed some shirts this evening – they’re drying now. I’m hoping I don’t end up regretting that decision. I could have taken them to the Cape Laundry, of course, and gotten them washed and pressed by Professionals. I suppose if they come out looking terrible, I can just take them over to the Professionals tomorrow morning and have them done again (as opposed to ironing them myself, which is beyond unthinkable). Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!

I’m listening to the dl.tv (formerly Digital Life TV) podcast from March 16th, featuring Patrick Norton and Robert Heron. It has become one of my very favorite podcasts (right up there with James Lileks, Click and Clack, and Leo’s KFI weekend show. Highly recommended. I’m on podcast number 20 of the 53 shows on my iPod right now, hoping to get through all of them by the time I get home. Then I can load the ‘Pod back up with all the new shows that have arrived during my month-long absence. I can’t catch up!

Time to go. See you tomorrow.

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