Here’s the model boat on my current condo’s television cabinet. I like it. Not much of a picture, though. Some of these “reality” shots are hard on my reputation as a photographic artiste.

Long day today. In fact, I’m still in the office, although I stopped working almost half an hour ago. I’m kind of waiting around for a couple of the guys to finish what they’re doing so we can go out to dinner together.

Oops – dinner just got postponed again. Those guys may not be going out anywhere tonight. But I am. I’m giving them a few more minutes before I just take off.

Nothing much to blog about tonight. The weekend was fine. I worked a few hours both days and spent a lot of time at home in the condo otherwise. My new condo has a George Foreman barbecue, which I’ve already taken advantage of by cooking a few steaks and hamburgers. Both the living room and the master bedroom face the ocean, giving me a double-wide balcony. There’s a new refrigerator and dishwasher and everything else is in very good shape. And then there’s the nice sailboat model pictured above. The only thing it was missing was a DVD player, so I spent forty-five bucks at WalMart and bought one. I’ll take it home and use it in our bedroom when the campaign is over. I was looking for a good price on a DVD recorder, but the ‘Mart didn’t have any.

The weather was terrible yesterday. It only got up to about 75 degrees, it was cloudy, and the wind was blowing to beat the band. They really need some rain here, but we got about two drops. The good thing was that I kept my sliding glass doors open all day and the condo felt quite comfortable. The wind kept blowing doors shut, but that wasn’t a problem. Saturday was warm and sunny, if a little bit windy. There were plenty of people on the beach Saturday; it was deserted yesterday. Not even the tourists went out there. It was nice again today – not too warm and mostly cloudy, but comfortable. Can’t complain.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’m going to pack up and go get some dinner, friends or no friends. See you tomorrow.

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