This is another detail from Ron Jon’s. They certainly use interesting colors there.

Had a better day today – no lousy meals at all. The culinary highlight was the barbecued beef brisket for lunch.

I only worked six hours today but that was enough, considering that today was my off Friday. I’m not planning to go to the office on Saturday or Sunday either. My orders are to minimize overtime and I plan to obey my orders. I don’t have any plans for the weekend other than moving to the ocean-facing condo on Saturday and going to church on Sunday. Since tomorrow’s move has to take place between 2:00 and 3:00, I can’t really make any Saturday plans. Maybe I’ll have time to go to the alligator farm.

On the other hand, maybe I’ve seen enough alligators for now. I drove to the base twice yesterday and saw a grand total of eight of the little critters in the various waterways around there. However, I didn’t see a giant non-organic ‘gator. So there’s something to look forward to.

No other news today. I’m watching Forbidden Planet on TCM right now. It’s a sci-fi movie from 1956 and is incredibly entertaining in its goofy 1950’s way. The young Leslie Nielsen is especially entertaining (great ducktail haircut!), as is the predecessor to the Lost in Space Robot (“You bumbling booby!”). Definitely recommended.

Speaking of recommended, I’m continuing to enjoy Psmith in the City (see the book club over there on the right). I’m about three quarters of the way through it. It’s not laughing-out-load funny like Wodehouse’s Jeeves books, but it’s definitely an amusing tale. I still recommend it to my discerning Readers.

Oops, Forbidden Planet just ended, so it must be time for bed. See you on Monday!

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