Another dino

Here’s another one of those bizarre sculptures in Monaco. Your guess is as good as mine.

It’s cooler today. I don’t think it got much above 65 degrees in Sunnyvale, and only into the mid-80’s in Manteca. It was a little chilly at the train station this morning, but I really hate to take a jacket during warm weather unless it’s going to rain. It’s inconvenient to carry it home and uncomfortable to wear it home.

Loyal Reader Number Two took a dip in the pool today. I keep meaning to do it and then not finding the time. Maybe tonight. The water’s still only in the mid- to upper-70’s which, while certainly tolerable, isn’t exactly bath water. I need to cowboy up and just do it. It’ll be hot by summertime and I’ll be wishing I had been swimming while the water was cooler.

The work schedule was busy today but not as bad as yesterday. I got a couple of things done, although not nearly enough. Need to keep pushing on it. I wish they would get the wifi working on the train – I could spend at least part of the ride time in the morning connected to work, allowing me to do much more than just email. I could also get the blog not only written but also published. Maybe someday soon. It would probably make me cut down on video podcasts, though. On the other hand, maybe web access would make me less productive than I am now. Who knows?

Loyal Reader Number Two’s computer died yesterday. It appeared to be a hard disk failure. Loyal Reader Number One downloaded the best hard drive tool in the world – SpinRite – and tried to fix it. It didn’t work. The tool seems to think his BIOS is goofed up, which just might be true. That motherboard has been slowly dying since it was fairly new. Functions just stop working. I’ll probably find some time over the weekend to work on it myself and see what I can figure out. It just might be time for a new motherboard on that machine. Trip to Fry’s!

Yesterday’s home schedule was worse than predicted. The train was about 45 minutes late. That’s unusual these days, I think. We got stuck behind a couple of freight trains and just had to go slow. Two trains before mine, some idiot farmer left a cow trailer parked partway over the tracks. They came around a curve and there it was. Couldn’t stop in time. They hit the trailer. Killed a couple of cows but didn’t harm any people, fortunately. They were only delayed about 45 minutes; it could have been much worse.

And on that cheery note, I’ll end. Oh wait, I wanted to mention the Cocoa Dev Central website. I found lots of very good tutorials there – I think I’ll follow a few. There’s probably a lot more stuff there too; I need to look around a little more. I recommend my Mac Programming Loyal Readers have a look if they haven’t already.

Now I’ll really end. See you tomorrow.

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