Rock field

Here’s another look at that rock field in the state park in Pennsylvania. That place was really cool (please note that I didn’t say it rocked).

Short day at work today. I took the late train (slept in until 6:00!) and am currently riding home on the early train. It’s quite crowded today because they have about 150 kids riding home from Great America. They’re confining them to the front two cars, but that still leaves many more adults in the rest of the cars. They were there this morning too, but it didn’t seem as crowded as this afternoon. Right now, there’s a woman sitting across from me reading the newspaper. Her paper keeps falling down and covering my computer screen. It’s really getting bothersome. Harumph.

Not much to talk about today. Loyal Reader Number Four called and told me she bought a clear plastic “bubble wrap” cover for the pool today. I’m a little worried about it – it may be difficult to store and a pain in the neck to put on and take off – but it will hopefully warm up the pool a little. We probably won’t need to be using it by the end of June anyway, and if it extends the swimming season by a month or two, as friends have told us it will, than it’ll probably be worth the hassle.

Ah, the middle-class blues. How ever will we survive?

The boys and I are going to the annual Aaronic Priesthood barbecue this afternoon at 6:00. We’re having tri-tip and hot dogs, along with various salads, condiments, and accessories. Sounds like fun. I’m hoping it stays warm enough late enough to be comfortable – probably won’t be a problem.

The weekend looks to be busy too. I need to work on Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Four’s computers. As mentioned before, LRN2’s machine is totally dead. LRN4’s computer is just acting strangely. It can’t seem to keep its sound card working, for example. I think I need to reinstall the operating system. I’ve been casually trying to find a Windows XP upgrade on the extremely cheap – I don’t think LRN4’s ready for Linux yet – and avoid having to install Win2K again, but I don’t think she can wait any longer. It’s been warning me that it’s not healthy and I really need to heed that warning. If I can’t find a cheap copy of XP on Saturday morning somewhere, I’ll just go ahead and rebuild the system and upgrade later. The machine wouldn’t be a good candidate for Vista and I had been hoping that XP would be dirt cheap by now, but it strangely seems to be just as popular, expensive, and in-demand as ever. I wonder why.

I’m done. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

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