Deux chevaux

Here’s my next new car. Very cool.

Tiring weekend. Can’t explain why, other than that I was up too late every night. I slept in every morning, though, so I still have no explanation. The sad thing, though, is that not much got done around the old household.

We had four couples over for dinner on Saturday night for a “small group dinner,” sponsored by the ward. It was great to get to know a few people a little better. Friday night, Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two went to the Aaronic Priesthood commemoration barbecue. It was nice and the food was really good. The only strange thing is that we held the barbecue at the church’s pavilion, which is in the middle of a large dirt drainage bowl. The place would definitely benefit from some grass. Not to mention a few trees.

Loyal Reader Number Four bought the floating pool cover. We tried it out and I really don’t like it. It’s big and bulky and therefore hard to put on, remove, and store. It gets jammed into the skimmer. It doesn’t protect the pool from leaves and junk either. In fact, it seems to attract the stuff. It certainly does warm up the water, though – at least the first foot or so of it. The bottom line is that I think LRN4 is going to return it.

Mother’s Day was fine, but there were no gifts, which I regret. As mentioned in this space before, LRN4 had bought all of her own presents, so we gave her a few cards and worked on meals. Not very exciting. There will be presents on her birthday later this week, regardless of what she says, by golly!

Oh, and there will be presents on Father’s Day and my birthday too. That goes without saying.

Time to quit. See you tomorrow.

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