Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two checking out the waterfall at Big Sur. We were NOT responsible for all that graffiti, of course.

Another sunny, warm, perfect day. Had some clouds in Sunnyvale in the morning, along with a fairly chilly wind. No such problems in Lardville. Worked, ate, worked some more, and went home. I’m still trying to hire a few people – we had another phone interview today. Most of the people turn out to be somewhere between a B- and a C. Today’s guy was B-. He’s been with the company for a couple of decades but has only been developing software for a few years. And he told us he gets bored every couple of years and starts looking for something more interesting. Not our favorite characteristic, that. He sure does like to talk, though. We couldn’t get the guy to shut up, to put it frankly. Maybe he won’t be getting an invite after all.

Too many things left undone at the end of the day. I need to bear down a little. At least my renewed train ridership has eliminated the hundreds of unread emails, anyway.

We’re a few minutes north of the office now and it’s gotten cloudy again. These clouds look like they have a little rain in them too. It won’t happen, though. It’s clear in Lardville.

My boss was out sick today. I tried contacting her several times and got no response. I hope she’s okay. I found out she may want me to travel down to Southern California tomorrow for a Thursday all-day meeting, but couldn’t get her to respond. I can go if needed. Otherwise, I’ll gladly (would rather) stay home. Whatever.

I want to start reading my Ruby book again, so it’s time to quit. See you tomorrow.

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