On the beach

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One on the beach. Looks like he’s having a great time down there.

Happy birthday, Loyal Reader Number Four! We’ve known each other for roughly two thirds of our lives now, and they’ve definitely been the best two thirds.

A big Morrowlife welcome to Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve. They arrived at Chateau Saindouxville on Tuesday night and are here for a couple of weeks. We’re glad you’re here. And I’m planning on shooting some more Gratuitous Great Art. Gotta bring those Loyal Readers back in.

No post yesterday. Couldn’t do it. Had to come down to Edwards. I got home from work, wolfed down some (delicious) dinner, did my YM/YW presentation, packed, and left for Down South. Got here about 1:30 this morning. Yikes. At least I managed to stay awake all the way. Had to switch from podcasts to music about an hour out, but I made it without napping along the way.

The upside: I got here so late they counted me as checking in today, not last night. So I’m only being charged for one night. Well, my company is only being charged for one night, that is. There are a couple of downsides, though. First, they serve a free breakfast, but I’m only “staying” one night so I only got one coupon, so there’s no free breakfast tomorrow. No real problem, though – the breakfast isn’t really very good anyway. Actually, it’s bad. Real bad. The second small thing is that they didn’t make up my room, since they think I just checked in today and therefore didn’t need maid service. No made bed, no clean towel. Horrors! Fortunately, I expect to survive even this indignity.

Today’s meeting went well. Most of it didn’t really apply to me, but I got some great insights into how they do things here and what their plans are. I have some ideas now for how to support them better.

Had sushi for dinner tonight. Not the best in the world. Far from it. However, the worst sushi is better than, um . . . never mind. I can’t think of anything worse than the worst sushi in the world. Anyway, it was passable and I don’t regret having it.

Driving home tomorrow morning. Ought to be there around noon. LRN4 has some rocks for me to move. I can hardly wait! See you then.

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