Here’s a truly hardy surfer. That water was freezing cold. He and everyone else like him were covered from head to toe in neoprene.

I’m back from the south! Things here were pretty much the way I left them. Except that the hole for the pond is essentially complete. And Loyal Reader Number Five is gone, leaving Loyal Reader Number Twelve behind. So she’ll hopefully be returning soon.

We’re ready to finish the pond, probably tomorrow. We just need to buy a bunch of pond liner, a pump/filter combination, and some fish. The fish will probably be delayed by about a week, giving the pond a little bit of time to settle in. I’m excited! Loyal Reader Number Four has done a TON of work to dig it for me. Thanks awfully, LRN4!

She also made arrangements for us to get a large pile of rocks from somebody down the street and around the corner. They had ordered four yards of large-ish river rocks and had a bunch left over. We borrowed our neighbor’s wheelbarrow (he wasn’t home, but he had previously offered to let us use it) and our friends’ utility trailer (they weren’t home, but they had previously offered to let us use it) and went over and picked up a large pile of free rocks. All in all, a pretty good deal. As long as we don’t get arrested for having a stolen wheelbarrow and trailer. We still have both of them – we plan to buy some dirt and/or smaller rocks tomorrow too.

Both boys are out right now. Loyal Reader Number Two went camping with the scouts. It’s a quick trip – they’re planning to be home before noon. Loyal Reader Number One is out at a stake YM/YW movie-watching activity. He’ll be back later tonight.

I’m incredibly sleepy, so I’m out of here for tonight. Have a great weekend.

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