Cabin road

Here’s an inviting pathway. Doesn’t it just make you want to walk down that road and find out what’s down there? No? Well, it did for me. Although I didn’t actually walk down that road when I had the chance. So never mind.

Pretty good weekend. The big news, of course, is that the pond has water in it! Also a liner, pump, filter, assorted pipes, and a few fish. Although I seriously question whether any of those fellas are still there. We got about 12 or 14 of the Wal-Mart ten-for-a-dollar goldfish (none of which were actually gold – those feeders are getting worse every year) and tossed them in on Saturday evening. As of yesterday morning, I could only find one, and I couldn’t find any yesterday evening. I’ll have another look tonight when I get home.

Anyway, we went to the high-priced pond store way out in the country and bought some really good equipment. I think the new pond is slightly smaller than my old one, and my new pump and filter have WAY more capacity. That pond is gonna be really clean. Which is how I like it. We still need to add rocks around the edge, some gravel on the bottom, and the real fish in a week or two, and then it will be just . . . perfect. Ahhh.

The rest of the weekend was normal. I got a lot of rest yesterday, but at the expense of not doing a couple of things I really ought to have done. Alas, but the world continues to turn and I’m feeling much more rested.

Spent a lot of time yesterday downloading a bunch of new podcasts, with the emphasis on video stuff for the train. I found a few classical-music podcasts and a couple of new tech ones. I’ll reserve comments until after I’ve watched a few of them. So far, so good, though.

Work managed to survive without me on Thursday and Friday. We have our plates full this week, as usual, and I’m still under a lot of pressure to get a bunch of people interviewed and a few people hired (link warning: amusing video with sound). Busy, busy, busy.

I want to get to some of those videocasts now, so so long for now. See you tomorrow.

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