Another waterfall

Here are (much earlier versions of) Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two headed down towards the Pennsylvania Waterfall prominently featured in last Friday’s post. I have another sneaking suspicion I’ve used this photo before too. Nobody can prove it, though. Part of my famous Camping series.

No post yesterday. I was sick. Came home early, arriving at about 12:30, and went to bed immediately. While I did get up a couple of times, I’m estimating I got about 18 hours of sleep. And I’m sleepy again already.

Thanks to good old Anon for noticing my absence. I can always count on Anon.

Rainy day today – big time. We’re supposed to have pretty steady rain for at least the next five days. I’m predicting the famous California drought will be over before March is out. Of course, that won’t stop our Masters in Government from imposing draconian restrictions, will it?

Large puddles abound outside the train windows, and the little creek we go by while we’re in one of our picturesque little valleys is absolutely raging. And very muddy.

Family members are starting to gear up for the Wedding of the Century in Las Vegas mid-month. So far, Loyal Readers Numbers Three, Four, Five, Six, Twelve, Fifteen, and I are planning to go, and Loyal Reader Number One has formed an exploratory committee. I’m really looking forward to seeing everybody. Loyal Reader Number Two is pretty sad to be missing everybody.

I haven’t seen much going on in the toilet world since our last update. Maybe I should have milked a few days’ posts out of that. In related news, though, the sewerage hippos are causing quite a stink.

Non-meeting Tuesday tonight. I should probably be making some Girls Camp calls, but I’m otherwise uncommitted. Maybe I should spend some of the time ordering that remote control I want. Also the extra phone charger.

Later – Ooma got here today! I set it up, and it actually works! Really well! I need to get an Ethernet splitter (if there is such a thing – if not, I need to make one and possibly sell them so others won’t have to suffer like me) and an expanded switch for the closet so I can set it up where I want it, but it’s currently set up by LRN4’s computer and working perfectly. We’ve ordered our phone number switched over to it, after which we’ll turn off Verizon for good. Should take about another month. In the meantime, the Ooma box is hooked up to an auxiliary phone, so we don’t have to give the temporary number out. But I’ll be happy to give it to my Loyal Readers if anybody wants to try it out. Email me!

Nothing else going on. See you tomorrow.

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