Blue lagoon

Here’s a pretty little bit of water up at Clark’s Fork. That water is nothing if not blue. Taken during our August 2008 trip. Part of my famous Camping series.

Sunny, rainy day. Sometimes both at the same time. More rain coming through Friday. The weekend looks pretty clear, which is nice for a change.

Nothing much to report. I called Loyal Reader Number Four on the Ooma during the lunch hour. It worked great. I need to do a little stress testing soon – want to see how the calls go when I’m downloading something big, copying lots of files across the network, and watching TV on the ‘net. May have to set a fixed IP address on the Ooma and do a little Quality of Service shaping to keep data flowing. Another fun toy to work on!

Otherwise, it’s pretty quiet. LRN4 has been looking for just the right formal dress for our upcoming cruise. I have a modest suggestion.

Let’s check in with the food violence world: It’s getting dangerous out there. Remember: when frozen meat is outlawed, only outlaws will have frozen meat. On the other hand, some people are actually doing something about it. Of course, you can go too far.

See you tomorrow.

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