Slide runner

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve running for the slide. Taken at the park on a sunny day in January.

Another busy work week grinds to a halt. Got a few things done. Didn’t get a few other things done. Pretty average. I enjoyed it.

Lots to get accomplished this weekend. I have a couple of work telecons to attend on Friday. Need to wash the Miata, Honda, and Suburban. I also need to wash the Ranger pretty badly, but I don’t plan to drive all the way out there to do it. Maybe I can find some time to get it done professionally sometime soon.

Anyway. I also have plenty of electronic-type projects to work on. Need to come up with a short-term solution for Loyal Reader Number Four’s computer networking problem – it turns out the Ooma Hub doesn’t pass its source IP address space through to devices attached to it. It does network address translation instead. This allows attached devices to get to the internet but not see the local network, causing printing and file sharing problems. The short-term solution will probably be to move the Ooma up to the loft and plug it into the router up there. That will leave nothing plugged into it, thus solving my NAT problem.

For the long term, I need to make the make-or-buy decision on the network splitter and get the parts. Also probably need to bite the bullet and buy a bigger switch for the closet. But not right now.

Then there’s the television situation. I absolutely must get a remote control for Larry so I can declare him Fully Operational, at which point I think we can turn off the cable. Or maybe we should just turn it off now. Just get it over with.

Then I can start buying the additional TVs and various needed computer upgrades. I suspect I might be more motivated to get the computers done and TVs bought if the cable’s turned off. Plus we want to stop spending the outrageous monthly cable fees.

Other things needing doing: adding free web-based content to Larry (I found several excellent HD podcasts, which I’ve downloaded and need to move), cleaning up a few things around the house, and relaxing. Lots of relaxing.

Saturday will be pretty busy. I have to give a quick five-minute talk at the Branch’s Elders Quorum breakfast. Then I’m off to join Loyal Reader Number Two at the Science Olympiad for most of the day. Then there’s a Stake YM/YW activity in the evening. That’ll pretty much do it for the day.

Oh, and there’s a home teaching visit to make on Friday afternoon. Plus numerous Girls Camp callings to issue. Plus all the normal Sunday meetings.

Whew. Looks like I’ll need to take my relaxation (link warning: new-agey video with sound) wherever I can find it.

Anyway. Let’s see what going on in the Toilet News world: The quality is going way down.

See you tomorrow.

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