Top of the slide

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve getting ready to come down the slide. She has to do a few pull-ups first.

Great day at home. First the good news: against all odds, the Miata passed its biennial smog inspection! Not bad for a car with more than 170,000 miles on it. I’ll probably get another 170k out of it before it’s done. What a great little car.

The other good news is that Loyal Reader Number Two and I got a working water rocket design done. That’s a good thing, since his competition with it is tomorrow. Our design is pretty cool looking (we could do lots more in terms of workmanship, but it works great) and it didn’t break its test egg! We’re still experiencing premature deployment of the parachute, but it’s going to have to be good enough as it is. We made two rockets, which LRN2 named Buddy and Skippy. Contest results reported on Monday. Don’t get your hopes up, though. We’ve never been to one of these, so we don’t know how well we have to do. It’ll be fun just to be there.

Got a couple other things done too, but not much. Attended my two work telecons in the morning, transferred a lot of files to Larry (still doing it, in fact – there are tens of gigabytes of shows to move), a did a bunch of reading and relaxing. Didn’t get any cars washed, didn’t get the cable cut off, didn’t order any TV or Ooma parts, didn’t make any Girls Camp callings. Maybe there will be time for some of that tomorrow.

But precious little. Busy Saturday schedule previously reported. I expect to hold to it.

There’s some big toilet news today: They’re not all that comfortable from the other side. My recommendation: check for your keys one more time before you do anything drastic.

In other toilet news, I’ve found a home improvement project we ought to consider: the golden toilet.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

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