Coming down

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve coming down the slide. Not my best picture, maybe, but I think it’s a good likeness.

Another sunny day, temperature about 60. Sunshine predicted the rest of the week, with highs up to about 70 by Friday. The drought people must be positively giddy. As our current Masters in Government say, never let a good crisis go to waste.

Pretty good weekend, although Saturday was packed, as predicted. I had two ten-minute visits home from 6:45 AM until about 10:45 PM. All the activities were pretty good, though. Loyal Reader Number Two had been worried about being competitive in the Science Olympiad, but he did extremely well. Took second in bridge breaking and third in water rocket flying. Congrats, LRN2!

I played hooky from the branch so I could make a bunch more phone calls for girls camp callings. Got almost everything done. The only real worry item left is our head cook. I haven’t been able to make phone contact with the spouse in that case, despite numerous tries. Apparently, he has a difficult work schedule. So do I, so it’s tough. We’ll get it done, though.

Nothing otherwise new. In today’s toilet news, we have an interesting new restaurant. I think I’ll skip it. Thanks to Loyal Reader Number Twenty Six for recommending the place.

Plus, they’re on the attack! Be careful out there. Or in there, I guess.

See you tomorrow.

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