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Here’s LRN4 during intermission at Friday night’s Shakespeare performance. We went to see if the line was short enough to buy a cup of hot chocolate. It wasn’t. That’s the stage in the background. Further description below. Great Art courtesy of the famous iPhone-cam, which doesn’t really do all that well at night in terms of actual photo quality. I just claim to be going for that soft-focus look and everybody’s happy.

Missed a couple of days again. Got busy.

Had a pleasant weekend. It was Mother’s Day, of course, and we had LRN5 and LRN12 over on Sunday. LRN12 stayed, because her other grandma came yesterday and is staying through Thursday. We’re having a nice time together, and LRN12 is delighted to have two grandmas to play with. And be spoiled by.

Our Guest Grandma took us out for dinner tonight. I had Massive Meeting Tuesday to go to, so we went to our current favorite hamburger joint – Athens Burger. I usually have the pastrami burger there, but I changed things up and went for the avocado burger. It was good, but I think I’ll switch back to my old favorite next time.

We enjoyed the Shakespeare performance on Friday, as mentioned above. It was A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as predicted last week. It was absolutely free, and worth at least every cent of that. We had a good time, the weather was nice if a bit brisk for outdoor theater, and the play was entertaining. We were glad we didn’t pay a whole lot of money, but we were well entertained. At half-time intermission, they got out a bunch of plastic buckets and begged for money. We gave them a few bucks, but we’re considering bringing our own bucket to next year’s performance – might be able to turn a handy profit on it, as long as people can’t distinguish our bucket from all the others. Of course, there’s the nagging little honesty issue to deal with.

I’ll end today with this exciting job opportunity for my Loyal Readers: car-slowing angel. Who says there’s no work out there?

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    The car-slowing angel is really weird! It is an interesting employment opportunity, though.

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