At sea

Here’s LRN4 standing out on deck during our recent cruise to New England and Canada. Look at those smooth seas! And it was warm! Hence LRN4’s willingness to be out on deck! Enough exclamation marks for now! Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken the day after we left Canada, and part of my famous Cruise and Vacation series.

Had a nice weekend! The weather was beautiful, the leaves were right in the middle of changing colors, and we did some fun stuff. Went to a corn maze in New Jersey, visited the farm attached to the corn maze, and went out for Japanese food. All in one day!

Also finished working on the update to my Morse Trainer iOS app and got it submitted this evening. It’s now compatible with iPhones with Retina displays, iPhone 5’s, and all kinds of iPads. A few functional updates went in as well. I can hardly wait for Apple’s reviewers to finish with it and get it released! Fame and fortune await! Next up for an update, the Brewing Co. app.

Been swapping text messages with LRN1 this evening. He’s in the market for a nice (cheap) used 4×4. He likes my Beloved Pickup, but it’s not quite four-wheelie and off-roadie enough for him. Good luck in the search, LRN1! I love buying cars. Just love it.

LRN4 and I have been watching TV this evening – some of our favorite shows. We particularly like the [amazon asin=B001V7UXG2&text=Jeeves and Wooster] series, starring Fry and Laurie. Very amusing, very classy, and highly recommended. We also watched an episode of [amazon asin=B005NKIPUO&text=Sledge Hammer]. That’s one of my very favorite shows ever. Dumb, tacky, and hilarious. Also highly recommended. We started the viewing pleasure with an [amazon asin=B001CT05TE&text=F Troop] episode. Not as funny as Sledge and not as classy as Jeeves, but amusing. Recommended.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: ham assault!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I prefer to eat my ham instead of throwing it.

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