Here’s the attic of the oldest largest house in Ogallala, Nebraska. We enjoyed our tour there. They acted like they were glad to see us, and they let us look at, touch, and play with just about everything there. Quite an interesting and unusual museum. I had to do a little more retouching on this picture than normal (which is none). Hopefully, my Loyal Readers will enjoy it.

Finished the Special Management Training class today. The quality of the training was just about as good as it was yesterday. I’ll be glad to get back to work tomorrow. I drove again today and am looking forward to riding the train tomorrow. I certainly get the chance to listen to a lot of podcasts when I drive, but I’m looking forward to working on my current Gadget program, reading a little in my book (started a new one today, but more of that a little later), and maybe taking a quick nap here and there. I’m still toying with the idea of getting a cheap car to park at the station in Santa Clara, but I hate to spend that much money to save a little more than an hour every day. Maybe I just need to get more efficient during my shuttle bus time.

There was a court of honor at Young Men this evening. Unfortunately, we’re too new here for the boys to have won any awards, although Loyal Reader Number One was supposed to receive his first Eagle Palm. Need to figure out what went wrong there. Loyal Reader Number Two wasn’t able to attend summer camp this year, so he really missed out on a lot of merit badges, not to mention fun. Don’t worry, LRN2 – you’ll definitely get to go next year.

Loyal Reader Number Four has been working very hard on one room at a time to get the remaining things put away. So far, I know she’s attacked the family room and loft, and they both look great. She was also going to work on our bedroom. For all I know, she may have had brilliant success, but I haven’t been in there to find out yet. I’ll know shortly – I’m just about ready for bed.

Finished another Wodehouse book this afternoon during a break in the SMT. The Coming of BIll was anything but a rollicking comedy, but it was always entertaining and kept me very engaged. It had something to do with Upper Class Twits, of course. Look for it in the Recently Completed list. I’ve added my new current Morrowlife Book Club book over there on the right. Have a look! The Scientific American Boy is old. It’s real, real old. Amazon tells me it was published in 1905 and is “a collection of science and nature activities for boys told in a fictional story.” It’s available on, of course. It ought to be a lot of fun. I’ll let you know.

Hasta manana.

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