Not much to say about this one except that I want to go camping. Soon.

Short shrift today. I have other things to do and need to get to bed at a human hour tonight.

The house people were in again today. They hooked up the ethernet line for the loft, which had been an irritant since we had to run a line across the hallway to connect in there. Loyal Readers One, Two, and Four went to Modesto to interview a possible piano teacher this afternoon. After visiting one they definitely don’t want to use the other day, they were relieved to discover that this one appears to be outstanding, and the price is right too. They have an appointment with one more teacher, but they’re wavering on whether it’s even worth keeping that appointment. LRN2 is even wavering on whether to continue organ lessons or switch back to the piano – this teacher is that good. He’s still going to talk with an organ teacher or two, though.

I went to the first day of a two-day Special Management Training class today. It’s supposed to change my life. I’m withholding judgment on that. I’ve been through so many management fads that I have a real hard time taking any of these things seriously anymore. They had a Motivational Speaker all afternoon. He was entertaining and did all the Motivational Speaker things – had us stand up, sit down, fight fight fight; paced back and forth in an excited way all afternoon, told Heartwarming True Stories, etc. They gave us a copy of his book. At the end of the day, he passed out boards and had us all break them with a karate chop. Hi-yaaa!

No more today. See you on Wednesday.

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