Mormon trail

This was in our campground in Wyoming. I’ll put up the other side of the sign tomorrow. You’ll just have to wonder until then what other trails passed through that particular KOA.

I drove to work again today. Took two hours to get there and an hour and forty minutes to get home. That’s compared with a minimum of two and a half hours each way on the train. Of course, we have to temper that difference with the fact that there’s at least something to be gained by working on the train, riding the train costs less than the gas, and the twice-daily walk across campus is good exercise. On the other hand, I’d rather spend that hour or so of working time at the office in the morning and at home in the evening. Decision, decisions.

That’s about all that’s on my mind these days. Pretty simple life, huh? Worked like a sled dog on Saturday. We got all the rest of the blinds installed and a bunch of stuff moved around and organized. The house is gradually starting to look pretty good, although there’s still lots of stuff to find a home for. And don’t even get me started on my chances of getting the truck into the garage. Grim.

The Pool People are coming tomorrow to pour the deck. We’re getting closer. I’ll have to take a picture or two – should have been doing it all along, shouldn’t I? I think the only thing they have left after tomorrow is to put in the plaster. Oh, and install the pumps and heater and hook up all the electric stuff and gas and get the plumbing hooked up to inlets and outlets inside the pool and fill it up with water. Otherwise, we’re practically ready to swim.

The house people came today (finally) and fixed our laundry room sink and the bathtub faucet and promised to come back and fix the rest of our problems Real Soon Now. Nice to have them back on track after they fired the nice guy who was helping us before.

Time for dinner and Home Evening. Gotta run (link warning – it’s gross).

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