Awning lights

Here’s the world-famous Bobcat at this weekend’s campout. Check out those awning lights. Part of my famous Camping series.

Welcome to the Morrowlife Blog’s seven hundredth post! That’s a whole lot of Great Art and a whole lot of Marginal Content. And there’s more where that came from.

The Blog is back! Pleasant long weekend. The campout was pretty much as I had hoped – pleasant weather, lots of reading and relaxing, and very comfortable. We got home a few hours before it started raining hard, so even the timing was just right.

This was my second visit to Dos Reis. It’s a small campground of a single loop with roughly 25 sites. I believe all of them have full hookups, which is rare here in California. It’s really nice to be able to turn on the lights without worrying about the battery and run the water without worrying about the tanks.

The campground is on the river and has a boat ramp, so it’s populated mainly by fishing people, who are nearly uniformly quiet good neighbors. No loud music and only one hillbilly family shouting nasty words into their cell phone. And that lasted only about half an hour, anyway.

We went to the scout spaghetti dinner on Friday evening, as planned. I think I may have mentioned previously that they hold a spaghetti sauce contest in conjunction with the event, which ensures the sauce is plentiful and delicious. They held a small silent auction, at which I successfully bid on an electric toothbrush. My dentist had recommended one the previous day, so the timing was perfect. I got it for a scandalously low price.

The toothbrush kit actually came with two toothbrushes and a single charger, a huge bottle of Listerine (which my dentist had also praised for its antibacterial properties), a bunch of toothbrushes (including several princess models that will be ideal for Loyal Reader Number Twelve), another bunch of little tubes of toothpaste, and about a gazillion little containers of floss. It was all donated by our friends who run a dental office or two. I have no idea what I’m going to do with all that dental floss.

Speaking of LRN12, she and Loyal Reader Number Five came over for a visit on Saturday afternoon. They’ve both been quite sick (Loyal Reader Number Six has avoided it so far – I have no idea how) but they were both doing much better by Saturday. It was a delight to have them over.

Sunday was extremely busy, but I did manage to put in a couple hours of work on my downstairs media center PC. The newly-named Shemp machine was unable to take my new video card, so I dusted off another hand-me-down computer now named Joe. It didn’t have a working OS, so I got a copy of XP Pro from Loyal Reader Number One, which I got installed. There’s lots more configuring left to do, but I think it’s going to work.

Some important toilet news came up in my absence: the space toilet is on the fritz again. Suddenly, my desire to be an astronaut has dropped even more. I guess it’s better than being in Brussels, though.

See you tomorrow.

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