Mill pond

Here’s the old mill pond at the Science Olympiad. More lions, so I’m calling it part of my famous Statue series.

The vacation has started! I’m in the train heading for home. Plenty of work today, and I didn’t get much of it accomplished. No problem. There’s always next week.

Lots to do before we start camping. I need to find a new taillight lens for the trailer, if possible. If not, I need to find and install new taillights on both sides. Also need to check the trailer out in general terms. And check the truck’s various fluids. Also hope to get to the library and grab a few books (optional – I have several books on the Treo and two new paper ones I received for Christmas and haven’t yet gotten to).

Bloggage on Thursday and Friday is highly unlikely. Our campground has hookups but, sadly, no wifi, alas. I’ll make up for it next week with extra-high-quality posts. Trust me.

My nephew Joe was scheduled for surgery today. Best wishes and exclusive Morrowlife Concern Rays to Joe. Loyal Reader Number Sixteen mentioned that she was on her way out there yesterday or today. Let’s hope we get a status report or two in a day or two.

Unfortunately, we are forced to provide today’s toilet violence report: They’re hitting each other with loo roll holders. Can’t we all just get along?

That’s all for now, Vladimir. See you Monday.

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