Here’s a happy, peppy duck couple observing their duck friends. Photo taken at Loyal Reader Number Two’s Science Olympiad event, and part of my famous Bird series.

Happy St. Patty’s day. One of our many meaningless holidays. I celebrated by wearing my pale green shirt. Must honor my Irish roots, don’t you know.

Otherwise largely uninteresting day. Got up an hour late, commuted, worked, and commuted again. Evening plans include more fussing with the new remote control and a few more girls camp phone calls. In the event that my other goodies (DVD burner and video card) arrive, I’m sure I’ll find time to install and test them too.

Loyal Reader Number One’s iPhone application has been submitted. Let’s hope it turns out to be a little more lucrative than the Morrowlife Blog has been (still at $13 and holding!). Remember me when you’re rich, LRN1! Better yet, support me when you’re rich.

The Stereo Stream website is making progress too. There are pretty much just placeholder pages at this point, but that’s a start. I expect he’ll have a version of the desktop server available for download Real Soon Now.

Speaking of the iPhone, version 3.0 of the iPhone software was announced today. Developers can already get to it, and it will be available to the public sometime this summer. Lots of people have been looking forward to some of the improvements they’re putting in, like cut-and-paste (finally!), push email, and tethering. I think the most important change, though, is peer-to-peer connectivity. Why? Thank you for asking! I see Apple subtly positioning the platform as a competitive portable gaming machine – especially the Touch, with its other functions becoming more and more secondary. With peer-to-peer capability, tons of fun new games will quickly become available, resulting in a lot more hardware sales. It’ll be interesting to see what comes along. Your opinion?

How about a little controversy? It’s been a long time since we’ve had any controversy. Consider this: Have you ever seen a stupider idea than this? My answer: not that I can recall.

And speaking of stupid ideas, I definitely think my Loyal Readers and I should pool our money and buy this. I volunteer for the position of “Lord of the Manor.” There are plenty of “Serf” opportunities available.

See you tomorrow.

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