Spitting lions

Here are a bunch of spitting lions. Part of the bridge over the pond at CSU-Stanislaus in Turlock, where Loyal Reader Number Two’s Science Olympiad was held. Also part of my famous Statue series.

The blog is back. I have no idea how my Loyal Readers survived.

Interesting wedding. The Liberace Mansion was surprisingly nice. It’s in a residential neighborhood near downtown, and the neighboring houses are surprisingly . . . ordinary. Maybe even a little rundown. The mansion itself is simply a fairly nice, reasonably large house with a very large ballroom added on in the back where the swimming pool used to be. The furnishings are original, and there’s a lot of Liberace’s personal memorabilia. Kind of interesting. Groups who rent the place have basically the run of the house. Also kind of interesting in this day and age. Nobody seemed to ruin anything.

The wedding itself was a little unusual in that it was quite casual. The guests sat at the same tables used for the reception, and there was applause and cheering where most traditional weddings might have been more sedate. Presumably, that’s how the bride and groom chose to do things, and it was just fine. Traditional ceremonies are getting more and more rare.

It was great to see family, especially Loyal Readers Numbers One, Three, and Fifteen. They’re all doing well. For that alone, it was definitely a worthwhile trip. And then there was everybody else too!

No Friday post. There was Wifi in the hotel, but there was no time. Spent the evening with family instead. Don’t regret the decision.

Normal work day. Lots to do; did some of it. Couldn’t get out early enough for the early train, so I’m getting home at 7:30. Too bad.

None of the cool stuff I’ve recently ordered was here as of this morning. I’m excited to get it and try it all out. Soon.

Breaking update from home: the remote control and Treo charger are here! The remote works great! So far!

Let’s have a quick look at today’s utterly disgusting toilet news: consider getting a bluetooth.

And I’m especially gratified to see that my program has already started to spawn spinoff applications.

That’s about it for Monday. See you tomorrow.

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