Bridge tester

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two testing his bridge at the Science Olympiad. It held! Check out those safety goggles. Special cameo appearance by Loyal Reader Number Four.

Fairly Short Shrift tonight. Took the late train, and I have to get ready to travel tomorrow morning, so some preparation must take place.

I took a chance today. I’ve been planning to buy a couple new HDTVs because I couldn’t find a video card that could talk to an old-fashioned RCA jack on an old-fashioned tube TV. Well, today I saw an ad for an old-model video card that claims to do just that. It was offered for thirty bucks. I bought it. It also has an S-video connector and two VGA ports, so it was apparently fairly hot stuff when it was new on the market.

The risk is that it won’t end up working like I need it to, thus wasting the thirty bucks. My judgment was that it was worth risking $30 for the chance of saving $300. Sadly, it has no DVI port, so it will be truly useless in the event it won’t drive an old TV. Fingers are crossed.

Loyal Reader Number One had his phone interview with Apple today. It appears to have gone well. They surprised him with the need to propose a personal project to spend half-time working on, so he needs to come up with some ideas and get back to them. The good thing is that the interview seemed more like a final-decision talk than a screening call. I hope it works out for him. It would be a great summer.

Any news in the education field today? Let’s check: Here’s a great moneymaker!

Speaking of which, we’re long overdue for a Morrowlife financial juggernaut update: I’m up to $13! Exactly! I think I’ve reached critical mass. I can sense the blog has just gone over the tipping point. Riches are inevitable!

Posting tomorrow is unlikely – we’ll be in Las Vegas. Wifi and time availability are doubtful. We’ll see.

One bit of bad wedding news is that Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve are too sick to go. Get well soon, Loyal Readers! We’ll miss you.

See you tomorrow. Or maybe Monday.

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