Baby racer

Here’s Henry Ford II’s first car. The Baby Racer. Or whatever they called it. Cool machine. This thing and the red one next to it were built by Ford’s engineers for his grandkids. Turns out old Hank the Deuce had nicer wheels than his grandpa. Picture taken in the garage at Fairlane.

Well, it’s been a Short Shrift week, hasn’t it? Company, long work hours, et cetera. And we’re leaving on vacation tomorrow. Bloggage for the rest of the week will be either light or non-existent. I understand they have wi-fi in the lobby at the resort, so I might be able to make a quick post or two.

Got home at about 8:00 this evening, which isn’t bad for the last day before a vacation. Of course, I forgot to finish a couple of things before I left, but you can’t have everything. The boss is back on Monday, so life should go back to normal. That’s good and bad. I’ve enjoyed doing her job this past month, but I’m a little tired.

The Loyal Readers and relatives went to Costco, Wal-Mart, and a park today. Do we know how to host or what?

I printed a bunch of geocaching maps tonight for caches near the resort. Hope to find the time to go look for a couple. As I’ve mentioned before, I think the thing I like most about geocaching is that it takes you to beautiful places you wouldn’t otherwise visit.

Time to make my list of things to take and go to bed. See you … ummm … soon.

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