At the falls

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Four hanging around at the Yosemite Lodge. They were waiting for our tour tram to show up. What a great tour.

And what a great weekend! The family reunion has come and gone and it was an unqualified success. Attendance was very good, everybody enjoyed visiting, the lodge was great, Yosemite was beautiful, the weather was warm and sunny, nobody got hurt, the food was good, and we all left wishing it had been longer. Can’t complain. Several samples of Great Yosemite Art to follow. People who’ve seen these pictures have been comparing them to the work of the great Ansel Adams. Unfavorably, of course, but they’re still comparing them. You’ll have to judge for yourselves, Loyal Readers.

It’s hard to work in all the Great Art I have sitting in my queue right now. That’s not a bad problem to have.

As mentioned in last week’s comments, Loyal Readers Numbers One and Twenty-Four went with LRN1’s non-Loyal-Reader cousin and her Significant Other up to the top of Half Dome. It was a really tough hike, but they’re better off for having taken it. Maybe. I think. Anyway, they did it.

Speaking of the lodge, it turned out to be fantastic. We got several standard hotel rooms and also rented the Master Suite. It has three bedrooms plus two sleeper sofas in the large living room, a big dining room, full-size kitchen, and a wonderful large deck with big private pool, spa, and some very pretty gardens. Great Art will be posted later.

Sorry about not posting during the trip. The WiFi was only available in the lobby, and then only for a bunch of money. I would have paid the bucks, but it was a long walk to the lobby, it was hot, and I didn’t feel like going up there. So I didn’t.

Things are back to normal. My boss is back from her month-long vacation. She went with her daughter on her honeymoon. Yes, I know. I just report these facts; I don’t make them up.

Already time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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